Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

If we could make you a latte, we would! We’ll save it for when you come over. :-)

Well, now that you see what we look like, here’s a little more about us: we are a married photography duo who love life, our family, and soccer tournaments. (Go USA!)
We have been in business since 2005, and continue to love what we do.

We do all sorts of photography… but we specialize in photographing people.
Every image on our site is a real client. No models, no styled shoots, no friends in fancy gowns. The photographs are taken in real world situations, with real world weather, timelines, and emotions.
If you are looking for some fun people that have photographed over 350 awesome couples to document your wedding day, call us.
If you are ready to update your family portrait over your mantle, call us.
If you are starting a family and want to capture all the sweet squishiness of your newborn, call us.
Basically, if you need a photograph with a person in it, call us.

Call 336-686-6464 or send us a note. We’d love to photograph you. And make you that latte.

Jonathan and Renee