Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

If we could make you a latte, we would! We’ll save it for when you come over. :-)

Well, now that you see what we look like, here’s a little more about us: we are a married photography duo who love life, our family, and soccer tournaments. (Go USA!)
We get to meet wonderful people and work in our pajamas and go to parties on Saturdays. And eat cake. If there’s an extra piece (note: there’s always an extra piece.)

We specialize in photographing people. We do all sorts of photography…but our favorite is weddings.
We just can’t help it. It’s such a special time in people’s lives. The couples we photograph are joyful, exuberant, hopeful,  and optimistic –  it’s infectious!
We’ve photographed more than 300 weddings since 2005 and we want to capture the beauty of your wedding day.
We know all that went in to planning our own wedding and, thankfully, we have beautiful, timeless photos of our remarkable day.
We can do that for you.
We want to do that for you.
In fact, you have to let us – I mean, it’s kind of our thing. :-)

Weddings are special to us because no matter what is going on in the world, it all gets put on hold for two people to make lifelong promises to each other.
It’s a really big deal! And we consider it an incredible privilege to be a part of it. When you get married you start a new family –
the wedding photos mark the beginning of your legacy as Mr and Mrs.
We hope you will drop us a line so we can help preserve this fantastic milestone in your life.

Send us a note us or call 336-686-6464 and we will get together!
We can talk about all the details; the date, the colors, the dress, and maybe even the cake. Because we care!
And not just about the cake. :-)